Position Management Application

Product Overview

This module provides a flexible card presentation capability, which gives the ability to run dealer cards based on current positions. Taking position information from WinOPS (WinRisks back office system) or other 3rd party systems, each individual trader can configure how he wishes to view his or her position information.

Key Features

  • Drill down capability
  • Can interface with all major 3rd party back-office systems
  • Fully configurable on a trader by trader basis
  • Fully integrated into the WinVaR and WinOPS modules
  • Quoting functionality for both APC’s and options

WinCard produces cumulative positions for books, portfolios (collection of books), and at company level. Position risks are broken out into futures/forwards, financial, and option deltas. The application allows for quoting of average priced contracts and options, allowing traders to view the associated positional risks.