About Us

WinRisk is a specialist business and IT consultancy providing Risk and Compliance expertise to institutions active on the world's commodity markets.

What is WinRisk?

WinRisk is a specialist business and IT consultancy providing Risk and Compliance expertise to institutions active on the world’s commodity markets. Set up in October 2002, WinRisk offers a range of services including sector specific business consulting services and IT solutions.

WinRisk’s strength is its comprehensive understanding of the sector founded on over one hundred man-years experience both from the practitioners and IT solution perspectives. A continued involvement in the Derivatives market place has given WinRisks’ staff extensive exposure to most of the major IT systems and solutions in this arena. The frustration in the lack of suitable products able to handle the intricacies of the global futures markets as well as the idiosyncrasies of the ’Forwards’ based market requirements of the LME, led to the decision to develop a suite of programs that were comfortable and competent with all instrument and Market types.

Hence, unlike most other systems in the marketplace, which are either LME based systems modified to handle futures contracts or futures and options based systems modified to handle LME style contracts, WinRisk systems have been designed for full market and instrument type coverage from the outset.

Our Strategy?

WinRisks Development strategy is “to deliver efficient, flexible, scalable, low maintenance, cost-effective solutions capable of running on industry standard, easily supported system architectures always ensuring all modules are developed to a common standard and are integratable with previous components to ultimately provide a total Risk management solution.”

By adopting this approach WinRisk has developed a portfolio of products, which in unison form one of the most comprehensive and powerful Risk-Management and support applications. Comprising a set of modules that can be deployed individually or in harness to provide a fully integrated Risk Management support suite that greatly eases and improves the Risk Management function.

The scalable nature of our applications makes them also particularly suitable for companies new to the Commodity Risk Management function. Whilst WinRisk has developed a number of solutions for other than middle office, it recognises that its strength are middle office and risk. In order to be in a position to be part of the full trading solution, WinRisk has adopted a ‘best of breed’ approach to the market place in its consultancy services and has over the years formed partnerships with Back and front office vendors.

All WinRisk products are designed and developed to run on industry standard office environment platforms and where appropriate utilise database technology, which is mainly SQL Server. Most modules can also be configured to run on Access (2007 upwards) if required.