Back Office System

Product Overview

WinOPS is a fully integrated back office trade administration system specifically designed to meet the needs of those active in the commodity trading environment who are using the derivatives markets as part of their trading or risk management activities. WinOPS can handle all market and instrument types and can process and value all futures and forward contracts and contract types, exchange traded and OTCs. In addition, WinOPS has specific capabilities in terms of London Metal Exchange transactions which present unique requirements.  A physical contract management sub-system allows the tracking of paper trades against physical contracts.

WinOPS can be delivered as a stand-alone solution, integrating with exchanges, and clearing and matching engines allowing for straight through processing as well as manual trade capture. It can be integrated with other Winrisk and/or third-party products offering a fully operational back office commodity trading application.

WinOPS handles all instrument and trade types-

  • Futures (including OTC)
  • Options (including OTC)
  • Forwards (including OTC)
  • Averaging
  • Swaps
  • Physical contracts

Additional functionality-

  • Multi-currency
  • Fully bespoke reporting functionality for internal, external, and regulatory reports
  • Flexible Settlement/close-out function
  • Commission, brokerage, and fees calculations
  • Full audit trail on trading and static data
  • Built in Security and Permissioning
  • SQL Server/C# based

WinOPS delivers a high level of reporting functionality to external clients, including daily statements and margin calls. Internal reports can be tailor made for finance, risk, or compliance departments. Regulatory reporting requirements can also be met with in-built apps including CCR, PRR, MiFir and Emir.

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