Trade Administration System

Using the WinTAS database (Microsoft SQL Server) allows an enormous amount of data to be stored in a safe and secure environment. It allows multiple users access at the same time, all with differing permissioning levels for added security. Using the WinTAS system has significantly reduced “human error” risk for enterprises previously reliant on spreadsheets, where formulaic and simple copy paste errors can potentially create undesirable risks. WinTAS is a bespoke product that can fit the enterprises’ straight through processing (STP) requirements. Tailor made reports are designed within the front end of WinTAS allowing all sections of the business to access the information they require in a user friendly format. It can be utilised alongside existing software in addition to being integrated into the WinRISK suite of products.


The first part of the process is to define the products and trade types that will need to captured within the WinTAS Static Data Tables, with products of a similar nature being grouped by “exchanges”, including OTC trades. The makeups of the individual products are then detailed within the exchange definitions. Each exchange can have a unique trading calendar, allowing the settlement process to work smoothly and accurately in the WinTAS system.

The next part of the process is to establish house and broker accounts in the WinTAS system. With safety and security of paramount importance, robust permissioning settings are also set up. House and broker accounts need to be permissioned to trade certain products and trade types. Multiple brokerage schedules can be attached to broker accounts for smooth deal entry.

Deal Capture

Deal entry with WinTAS is very intuitive and allows all forms of deal entry. The permissioning rights established during the administration process acts as the safety net here, preventing deals to be entered with house accounts and broker accounts that are non-permissioned.

WinTAS Reports

WinTAS Reports offer a great deal of user friendly reports from full Preofit and Loss to an audit report, giving a full audit trail for specific trades. The bespoke nature of WinTAS means that any number of queries can be written for the enterprise for different user profiles.

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